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October 15, 2013

Items still left on summer to-do list


I am not ready to bid adieu to the summer.

Hot sweaty days where my hands meld into the steering wheel and I feel like I could be a double in the face-melt scene from Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark are my kind of thing.

Sure I’ll complain about how hot it is along with everyone else but to me those uber hot days of summer remind me of all the outdoors fun I’m so eager to have — fishing, beach trips, jumping into a swimming pool, racing across a lake on an inflatable floatee while giggling uncontrollably and trying not to drown myself. Yep, that’s my idea of fun.

When the first day of autumn arrived the other day with morning lows in the upper 60s I had mixed feelings. Gosh, it felt good outside. The deep oppressive feel of Southeast Texas humidity hadn’t set in just yet and a light breeze was blowing. I closed my eyes and stood still letting the breeze blow through my hair and across my body that, for the first time in months, was not sweating the minute I stepped outside. It was, I hate to say, exhilarating.

Then it hit me. Summer was over.

Oh no, how could this have happened.

I have what I call a “summertime list,” a list of activities I want to do and places I want to see. The list stays pretty much the same every year and pretty much all involve water of some kind be it a lake, a beach or a pool. But this year was different. I wasn’t able to check off my list like usual.

Sure, I had vacation days and I was able to cross one major item partly off my list - a trip to Galveston. My youngest son Steven, age 25, and I walked through the historic area of Galveston, wandering into shops and gazing at the architecture of the town that was destroyed during the hurricane of 1900 and severely damaged during Hurricane Ike in 2008.

We saw a cruise ship docked in the waterway and watched as people boarded the mammoth vessel. We walked through shops with expensive inventory, some with antiques and others with stuff that could be purchased elsewhere fairly cheap.

There was Col. Bubbie’s Military Surplus Store where I made it a point to try on as many hats as I could while whispering too loudly and giggling. But what the heck, I’m 48 — I can act silly if I want.

We stopped and took some photos in front of a couple of the historic homes, oohed and ahhed and imagined what it would be like living in those homes.

I say I can “partly” cross the Galveston visit off my list because I didn’t get to do all that I had planned such as spend the day swimming at the beach and stay overnight at a motel after seeing all of the sights. I did get a chance to wade into the water to cool off and thoroughly enjoyed it until I saw a swarm of jelly fish floating around.

As for the rest of my summertime list, I was able to get in a few fishing trips and made a few trips to swim in a pool.

So I guess it’s time to formally say goodbye to summer even though I really don’t want to. Goodbye to the beach and the pool and the lake. Farewell to the long list of summer places I wanted to visit. I’ll just revamp my next summer’s list, maybe add a few new things to do and get started on my “fall list.”


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