, Port Arthur, Texas

October 7, 2013

Why we discriminate

John (J D) Crabbs
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Discrimination is certainly not new.  In fact discrimination has been around since the beginning of mankind.  Because the males of the species are bigger and stronger than the females, males have imposed their will upon females to do their every bidding if they so choose. 

Males chose tasks to perform because it made them feel more powerful than the females.  Females were often prevented from hunting because they would then be seen by their peers as powerful as the males.

In religion men have gone to great lengths to exercise power over women by preventing women from being a part of the religions community in varying degrees.  At least one of the great religions have said a woman’s regular minstrel cycle is a curse for Eve convincing Adam to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. 

Mary Magdalena (said to be Jesus’s favorite follower) was discredited by one church.  No one is alive to explain why the church did it however it may be just a continuation of the same theme.  I am so sorry that men are so insecure they have to contrive ways to make themselves feel superior.  I remember as a child and as an adult a couple of Christian denominations told me I could not go to heaven because I did not belong to their church.  I believe in promoting your product but condemnation and discrimination should never be a part of religion.  I thought religion was more about forgiveness.

There are so many things we perceive to be something to discriminate against that is totally ridiculous.  Such as skin color, hair color, handedness, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, and many more.  All of which has nothing to do with choice for those who are discriminated against.  They were created by their creator that way. 

Do you think their creator would discriminate against them after He created them?  I don't believe I have the right to discriminate against something my Creator created just because I wasn't created that way.  When someone chooses a lifestyle (such as homosexuality) and because there is nothing easy and relatively acceptable about that lifestyle, I can't believe anyone would prefer it over that which is.

We all have origins from a father and mother, we were borne by cicerone section or by natural birth and therefore equal.  When someone begins to feel superior to others it usually starts with his or her own inadequacies.  To compensate for those inadequacies we start to discriminate against one or more people (usually more).  Some may justify this attitude for self-preservation.   That is totally ridiculous because your opinion does not make you more intelligent, better looking, richer, or anything else you can imagine.  It may cause you to associate with others who are just as ridiculous.

My God is a loving God and He loves all of us the same, even: all the creatures of the earth, men, women, the infirm, deformed, all of the different races, and even those who believe differently.  Who will get to live everlasting life is entirely up to Him and I don't believe he will have to consult with any mortal man to make that decision.  Therefore I say "Live and let live, Love and be loved, Forgive and be forgiven."

John (J D) Crabbs & Miss Bea

Port Arthur