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May 17, 2013

Living life in a routine not all bad

PORT NECHES — It all begins when we are born!  We are ready to eat as soon as our eyes open.  Babies tend to be awake when they are hungry or their diaper needs changing.  They usually let us know about it.  Then, there is the bath and usually a nap following.  Mothers train babies to have a routine from birth.

Do you feel that tradition ever changes?  I do not.  I personally feel that my life runs better when I am on a regime.  I love to have something extra to do some days, but still seem to fall back into the routine.  I think this is the way babies are most content too.  As long as nothing disturbs their routine, they are happy.  Throw a little extra something into their schedule along with a missed nap, and they are unhappy campers.

I remember when my children were babies and we went on a trip.  Holy cow, everybody was miserable.  You can say, ‘I have a good baby’.  Well, good, bad or indifferent, change of routine changes their nature.  It took a load of patience to deal with it.  

I think back to all the times that I literally ate my breakfast and/or lunch on the road, when working as an outdoor salesperson for the tobacco and candy company.  Normally I ate at all different times during the day.  I also ate a lot of things that were bad for me.  I did this for several years.  I guess when you work, and don’t have a specific time to eat, that is the way it is.  I am paying for this bad habit today.  My stomach is a mess.

I am going all over the place with this article.  I wanted to make a point of how we live our lives on a routine.  Speaking for myself, I feel like something is missing, if I do not do the same thing – at least – in the morning.  I start my day in the same way, every day.  I take shower, put coffee pot on, turn television on, get the newspaper and sit down with my coffee and read the paper – while listening to news on television.  Then afterwards, I am ready to do whatever is to be done.  I must confess this is during the week.  On the weekend, my routine is whatever comes along.  Normally, I am pretty much ready for Monday to come around to get my routine trucking again.

Most retirees try very hard to get up at the same time every day and perform their ritual for the morning.  Then there are those that say, ‘What the heck, I have nothing to do today, and I am staying in bed’.  I do not know about you, but I feel slouchy when I stay in bed too long.  I guess there are exceptions to sleeping in.  For instance, when you stay up too late the night before or don’t feel like yourself in the morning.  My friend and I were talking about how at night we can get involved in a television show or in a good novel and let time get away from us.  We stay up entirely too late and feel tired the next day.   This is definitely getting away from our routine.  If we were babies, we would be cross and let everyone around us know it.  But, being an adult, you must struggle on through the day and know rest will come soon.  

Don’t you feel sometimes, it is good to change up the routine, especially for the retired folks?  I get excited when I know I will be having plans later in the day.  Hey, you can always do something different every now and again.  Then get back into the routine you have made for yourself the next day.  

There are some people I speak with that get bored with the same routine.  What we must remember is that this is what we were taught from the beginning.  Some of us get so set in our regime, that we get a little upset when it changes.

My opinion is that life is a routine.  Actually, it should be.  Because when it is not, it will be a change and change is not always the greatest thing for us.  The good thing is that we can ‘catch up’ and get back to our scheduled lives.

Fanny Morgan of Port Neches is once retired and now is a church secretary. Contact her at 

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