, Port Arthur, Texas

May 9, 2013

Attack on Prop 12 shortsighted

Stephen A. Mosely
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — A former state senator, a chamber of commerce president and a senior incumbent city councilman have chosen to misinform and mislead a community of voters about a simple comprehensive legal document. However, they may have hurt some very important service organizations in the process that could really benefit from the passage of Proposition 12 they intend to defeat. I’ll call these guys the “3 Amigos”, for lack of a better description.

The 3-Amigos are determined to destroy an organization that is trying to serve a small sector of Port Arthur residents however; in their blind attacks they may have done more harm than good. Their negative efforts may be hurting the chances of other established community legends that can use this money to expand their services on future projects.

Since 4B tax proceeds can be used for entertainment such as motion picture theaters, concert halls, children sporting events, athletic facilities, tourism, public parks, opens space improvements, museums and  restaurants, concession stands, parking and transportation facilities; related streets, water and sewer facilities and even affordable housing; I’m pressed to ask the question of why would the 3-Amigos be against that?

I can’t imagine the folks at Lamar State College having a problem supporting prop. 12. The softball team and their patrons would certainly enjoy some much needed covered stands for the fans and dug-outs as well as a decent paved parking facility than a flooded muddy park.

Mardi-Gras of Southeast Texas revelers would definitely appreciate a more appropriate band stand and closed seating arena as opposed to the current wide open weather challenging pavilion in downtown Port Arthur. The annual Zachary Breaux Jazz Festival would benefit from this funding that would help make it more plausible with appropriate concession stands supporting their efforts when setting up for their annual family fundraising affairs.

Heck, even the City of Port Arthur can benefit from the funds that will be available for families needing to return to a home from the past hurricanes of Rita and Ike. This service can begin the day after proposition 12 passes in May 2013 and funds made available in October 2013.

This proposition would address many worthwhile projects in Port Arthur if folks could see past the narrow minded and selfish intentions of the 3-Amigos, which is to misrepresent this 4B resource that has served Texans well since its development many years ago.

Proposition 12 is bigger than the 3-Amigos!