, Port Arthur, Texas

May 21, 2013

Editorial: Still at the mercy of nature

The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Southeast Texans joined others across the nation Monday watching in horror as rescue workers attempted to locate children in an elementary school that was in a community demolished by a monster tornado near Oklahoma City.

The death toll has fluctuated from the storm damage, initially being at 51, it was revised downward to 24 on Tuesday, but officials expected the number to increase. At least nine of the dead are children. Those numbers are a sobering reminder of the power of nature and how, despite the advanced radar and warning systems, we still are at the mercy of forces much greater than our own.

We commend Texas Gov. Rick Perry for announcing within hours of the storm that Texas stands ready to assist its neighbor.  We know other Texans will be ready to help in whatever ways we can, whether in the form of volunteers to help clean up, donations of cash and essential supplies or with our thoughts and prayers.