, Port Arthur, Texas


May 9, 2013

Doucet, Troy supported

PORT ARTHUR — The time has come for the citizens of Port Arthur Texas to wake up and demand change.  Our city has become the joke of Jefferson County and Southeast Texas.  Why? Because we have allowed certain politicians to promote their own agendas that benefit only them and their families, friends and cronies.

Our current mayor has no respect or regard for the common citizen and has proved it by constantly badgering people who do not aggree with her, be it a citizen or councilman.  She has walked out of meetings with Bob Williamson and Liz Seglar following her.  The negative influence that she has over the two is not good for our city.  Harold L. Doucet has proven his ability to lead in an honest manner.

Rosalyn Queen and Robert Troy are competing for the District 4 seat.  Ms. Queen, in my opinion, would only be another pawn for Ms. Prince to manipulate to get her way. Mr. Troy has served on several boards and committees and was very active on the charter change committee.  Mr. Troy and Mr. Doucet would be our best choice on May 11.

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