, Port Arthur, Texas


September 17, 2012

Bad reasons not to like Romney


The political conventions have come and gone. A lot of folks are still confused as to whom they will give their vote. Big surprise, huh?

Well, with the help of a little research and the learned critiquing of a couple friends, I came out of the two weeks with the understanding of why many would not vote for Mitt Romney.

And naturally, being a conscientious citizen and an all-around great guy, I decided I’d pass the information along to you.

Right off the bat, on top of having the looks a casting director would want for a film about a president, Romney has been married to one woman since 1969, even through her struggles with MS and breast cancer. Why, there aren’t even any smoking guns or skeletons in his closet. Squeaky clean. Like one of my buddies remarked, ‘he’s boring, boring.’

He speaks with the accent of his upbringing. He finds it impossible to articulate in a fake, southern black accent of a hellfire and brimstone preacher whenever he chooses.

He graduated from Harvard Law School and Business School, cum laude. His records are there. They can be verified.

Someone like that is really too backward for today’s presidency. He doesn’t smoke or swear; has never done drugs despite their prevalence during his college days. He is a boring reminder of yesterday’s America where people believed in God, went to church, remained faithful to his spouse, worked hard, and became a success.

To illustrate just how out of touch the guy is, he has five sons none of whom can boast of arrest or rehab records. And they were reared by a mother who remained at home with them.

And look at how wealthy he is. Would you believe that he didn’t marry into it or inherit it?  In fact, the guy is so out of touch with the world that when he inherited his father’s great wealth, he gave it all to charity.

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