, Port Arthur, Texas


May 8, 2013

Troy strong choice for PA Council seat

PORT ARTHUR — Robert Troy would be a strong choice to fill the unexpired term for District 4 on the Port Arthur City Council and we encourage voters to give him that opportunity.

He thinks Port Arthur needs a long-range vision to repair and maintain its infrastructure and we couldn’t agree more. Troy served on the Charter Change Committee and he understands how the city works. He would like to see more recreational opportunities on Pleasure Island and thinks a container cargo port on the southern end of the Island would be a revenue and jobs generator for the city.

He supports what the Economic Development Corporation has done in the city and has ideas about how it could be even more effective in the future. Troy would like to see the city’s tax rate reduced if it can find other means to generate revenue.

A 1961 graduate of Lincoln High School, Troy earned a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and served aboard ships as chief electrician, 2nd engineer. He retired after 30 years of service as a merchant marine. In 1999 Troy was elected Port Agent, a position of leadership in the maritime union, and was later promoted to regional representative.

Rosalyn Linden-Queen is also running for the District 4 position.


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