, Port Arthur, Texas


May 7, 2013

Letter: Ordinary people overlooked on Island

— I would like to express my opinion regarding the Sunday’s article about the charter change proposal involving Pleasure Island.

I was the owner of Moon Aquaculture and ran a business in Pleasure Island from 1977 through 1982. The Island commission would not renew our lease due to the fact we spoke up about erosion to the city council and that same problem continues to this day.

The commission has taken Logan Park from the public and turned half of it into an RV park. This park was meant to be developed for public use for flea markets, a place to sell goods, music and fun, not to be denied use by the general public.

The Island is 18.5 miles long and 12 miles of it are levees used for fishing. The public (ordinary people) have lost four fishing piers due to Hurricane Ike. There is no handicapped fishing area on that 12 miles. I believe that the general public are the last ones that the commission considers when making any decisions regarding improvements to the Island, especially in the last the 35 years that I have witnessed.Thus I feel the City Council would respect the needs and ideas of the people that don't have big boats or lots of money.

Ronnie Moon


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