, Port Arthur, Texas


May 7, 2013

Letter: Plays show fine arts alive in PA

— I have always enjoyed and appreciated the value of Fine Arts. I had the pleasure and enjoyment of attending two amazing plays in two days (May 2-3) right here in Port Arthur. They were both absolutely magnificent.

The first play that I attended, “Miss Evers' Boys," was presented by the Memorial High School Theatre Department, directed by Memorial's amazing theatre arts director, Henrietta Haynes. I could only imagine the pride that Principal Calvin Rice and Fine Arts Supervisor Marjorie Cole had in seeing these young people perform in such a professional manner, as they are accustomed to the Fine Arts Department always doing.

The next play that I also sat mesmerized viewing was "Driving Mrs. Daisy" directed by PAISD's own Thomas Jefferson Middle School's talented theatre arts director, Roxane Gray. Thanks to Mrs. Marjorie Cole for making sure I knew this! This play was presented by the Act I Scene I Theatre Company. Daisy Werthan played by Rosie Einkauf, Hoke Coleburn played by Dwight Wagner (the person Dr. Ella Williams and I knew and came to see), and Boolie Werthan played by Phillip Gray were simply incredible!

It's delightful that I do not have to go out of town to enjoy fine arts, which I sure hope you will support. As a disclaimer,  I'm not a relative or have any reason for encouraging your participation other than my sincere appreciation of the fine arts, which was instilled in me by my deceased mother, who would make sacrifices so my sister and I could attend college plays, etc., even as small children.

Again, hats off to all participants who had anything to do with these plays and please keep bringing them to us as citizens!  Thank you in advance!

LaWanda Jo Black Finney

Port Arthur

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