, Port Arthur, Texas

June 15, 2013

Editorial: Porterie leads effort to solve discipline issues

The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — The meeting of Port Arthur ISD teachers, administrators, students and community members to explore discipline management in the district was a positive start to find a consensus on solutions. There will be no easy answers, but just the fact that Interim Superintendent Mark Porterie put together the team effort to explore the problem — and solutions — is encouraging.

Discipline management problems in PAISD came to a head this past school year when parents demonstrated in front of the Administration Building complaining that the district was not protecting their children from bullying. One set of parents recounted an incident in which a number of students were ganging up on their son while the students were waiting for the bus. The boy’s sister came to his defense and was severely injured in an altercation.

A teacher at this week’s meeting discussed problems she’s had with the process of having disruptive students removed from the classroom. When a student disrupts class, it stops the learning process for all the other students. If the teacher then has to fill out a lot of paperwork to get the student out of his or her classroom, what the teacher called “complete a manifesto,” that compounds the educational time lost.

A commitment to finding a solution to discipline management problems in PAISD is the first step to success. We encourage Interim Superintendent Porterie to continue with the program he’s initiated.