, Port Arthur, Texas


June 16, 2014

LETTER: Dismayed by ZeoGas vote

PORT ARTHUR — Dismayed by ZeoGas vote

As a business owner in Port Arthur I am very dismayed about the recent vote by the City Council concerning ZeoGas and the decision not to offer a 100 percent tax abatement. 

Have they been living under a rock?  The unemployment in Port Arthur is the highest in Texas, and a company who is going to bring 2.2 BILLION in economic dollars, 3,000 additional jobs for two years, and 300 permanent jobs was turned away. That is insane. 

What so called residents did not want this company to come to Port Arthur?  Each and every company in the city would benefit from this venture and I for one would love to see an influx of people with money to spend on goods and services. 

Where was the EDC on this matter?  This is why the citizens voted to have a EDC in the first place, to develop the economy.  This is so ridiculous, not so much that they voted that way because they do some really dumb stuff, but to say that citizens told them to do it does not compute.  

Why would they think we believe that?  I would love to see a list of the names that Mr. Williamson says doesn’t want to get people off of unemployment.  Why doesn’t he ask their opinion about bringing in a company that is going to employ 3,000 and train as well?  What a stupid mistake for the unemployed in Port Arthur made by people supposedly elected to advance the city!



Robert Fore

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