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November 2, 2012

Weather sets our mood of the day

PORT NECHES — I will speak from personal experience.  It seems that my physical energy comes from the atmosphere.  I wake up in the morning to my bedroom being light or dark.  I can always tell my mood of the day.  When the sunshine is out, I definitely feel more energetic.  I feel a bit droopy if it is cloudy or rainy.

Upon opening the blinds is my determining factor.  Now today was bright with a chill in the air.  I was like a horse or a new pony, wanting to kick my feet up. That is if I could.  At my age, it might hurt too much to kick too high.

I am aware that weather changes are necessary.  Living in a sunshiny world, with great temperatures, would be an ideal atmosphere.  But this would not be very realistic.  We must have rain every now and again.

Brother, when it is a rainy day, staying indoors is the best bet.  Not only am I dragging and not wanting to smile, everyone feels the same way.  I have noticed when shopping on a rainy day, you won’t find many congenial people.  Don’t try to talk to anyone; they do not want to talk.  It is all business.  They send a signal that they are there for one reason, and that is to get the job done.  Being nice on a dark, cloudy, rainy or cold day is not a necessity.  They are thinking, “I want to be miserable today because it is miserable outside”.  

Now I have met some people that love rainy days.  Hey I remember one that held an umbrella up in a movie and sang ‘Singing in the Rain’.  Seriously, there are people that like to be out in the rain, but very few.  I have a friend that likes to drive in the rain.  She loves storms.  I, on the other hand, would love to stay in bed when it rains.  

Normally the atmosphere affects my Arthritis.  I believe it starts affecting it when there is going to be a slight change in the weather.  My bones do not adjust to the changes really well.  Neither do my sinuses.  I guess it is a good thing that we not only have a mild winter, but a short one too.  Of course, the damp atmosphere is sometimes just as bad.

I was asked by a friend why everyone around here seems to get sick often.  My answer to her was living around all the refineries.  We definitely do not have clean air.  Every place I have lived, I have had some sort of refinery within just a few miles.  It is not just the refineries being there, but the stuff that they burn off that gets into the atmosphere.  This is for another story on another day.  I had to put this in, since I was speaking of the Golden Triangle atmosphere.

Getting back to the weather and how it affects our moods.  Maybe not everyone is like me.  I sincerely do hate to get out of bed in the cold winter.  Staying indoors is sometimes just meant to be.  Now staying in too much can bring on depression, especially, if you do not see anyone for days.

I used to sit with an elderly lady at a nursing home.  The first thing I would do was open the blinds.  If it was an ugly day outdoors, I would turn on the overhead light.  The light seemed to affect the amount of stimulation from the elderly lady.  I honestly could see a difference.  Not everyone can afford to have a sitter for someone in the nursing home.  It is harder to find volunteers to visit the sick.  I will tell you that the weather played a lot of importance on their overall existence.

I love the outdoors.  Different times of the year are better for me, physically and mentally.  I can see that I am not alone in my way of thinking.  We have to take Mother Nature as she hands out our destiny.  We do not always like it.  Sitting in a dry place and watching it rain is sometimes pleasant.  Being forced to leave your little nest and get a little damp, just may be devastating.  But, we do it anyway and continue on our merry way.  

I wish for more sunshiny days more than cloudy or rainy days.  Sometimes you just have to adjust your state of mind.  Just think of what rain may bring to life.  That is my way of thinking, but I would rather sunshine.

Fanny Morgan of Port Neches is once retired and now is a church secretary. Contact her at 

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