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September 17, 2012

Unemployment roots go back to Bush tax cut for rich


On August third of this year, the United States Department of labor publicized statistics that showed the country had 163,000 new jobs. But that was not enough, because the unemployment rate grew anyway, to 8.3 percent. Unsurprisingly, Romney-Ryan and the Republicans blame Barack Obama for that horrendous situation.

The truth, however, lies in an entirely different direction. The fault lies with GeeDubya Bush, who — with advice and help from “Shotgun” Cheney — cut taxes for the richest 2 percent among us.

That, of course, was the largest reason for our present shortage of revenue. It's also the reason that there are still 5.2 million Americans who have been out of work for a very long time. Too long.

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, explained...

“Given the depth of the recession and the damage done by thirty years of anti-worker policies, we knew recovery would be slow and difficult. But we did not dream Republicans in Congress would take every opportunity to slow and stymie the recovery process from day one — cynically hoping that Americans would blame the President for the damage they inflict on the economy.

“The key to building a durable recovery that leads to long-term shared prosperity is empowering workers to share the benefits of productivity and growth. But Republicans continue to obstruct vital policies aimed at creating jobs and restoring growth while they hold the middle class hostage to their demands for tax cuts to benefit the richest 2 percent of Americans. Their stubborn and shortsighted obstruction of any measures that might boost job creation puts our recovery at risk.”

And, according to the “Progressive Populist” news...

“Yale University Professor Jacob Hacker and Roosevelt Institute Nathan Lowentheil (7/31/12) released their paper, 'Prosperity Economics; Building an Economy for All', which argues that current austerity policies have failed and are holding back growth and increasing inequality in the US. The paper calls on the federal government to start rebuilding the American dream.”

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