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October 7, 2013

ASK A COP: Slow down for safety of workers along roads

PORT ARTHUR — Dennis from Port Neches asks: Officer Antoine, this is a great article and I read it every week. Keep up the good work!  I received a call from the safety and risk management coordinator for the city of Port Arthur, asking if you could get the word out to the public about the laws pertaining to barricades. She has received complaints from city workers about drivers disregarding and driving around barricades in construction zones. This creates a very dangerous situation not only for the workers but also the violators.

Answer: Thanks for the compliment Dennis! As a police department we strive daily to connect with the community we serve. Dennis, this is definitely an issue of concern that is a top priority for us, because anyone who travels down the streets of Port Arthur should be mindful of any workers trying to make our travel smoother and safer. We recently addressed the complaint, so if it’s continuing to occur, drivers should BE AWARE. If caught, we will handle the offense with zero tolerance. Dennis, you can remind the safety and risk coordinator to instruct her workers if this occurs not to engage the driver but copy their license plate and contact PAPD immediately.  If it’s an emergency situation advise them PLEASE call 911. We all should be aware that the “Move Over Slow Down Law” changed Sept.1 and has added protection for Texas Department of Transportation workers. Even though that law doesn't apply to city workers, ALL drivers should have some common respect and exercise caution when passing ALL city workers alongside our roads. Keep in mind they are not standing in our roads for their health, they are working to provide a safer passage for YOU.

Kevin from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine, a co-worker and I are disagreeing about whether a Commercial Vehicle Inspector or D.O.T  Police Officer writing a ticket on a parking lot. Can they stop a truck and give them a ticket on private property?

Answer- Good question Kevin! If I'm understanding your question correctly Kevin, you are inquiring if a police officer can walk up to a truck that’s stopped on private property and issue them a citation? No, Kevin, that’s not normally how this works. What you probably saw was the end of the stop. I'm sure the truck was traveling on the road and the officer that’s certified as a Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspector pulled/directed the vehicle to the lot to be inspected. Kevin, there's a big difference between Commercial Motor Vehicles being stopped verses regular motor vehicles. With a motor vehicle as a Police Officer I must observe you violate the Transportation Code, not so with commercial trucks. Any Officer that is certified to inspect commercial motor vehicles are allowed to pull over these vehicles at ANY time to be inspected. Remember, they are not being cited for breaking the Code but they are being inspected for safety. So, if you always see big trucks on side of the road and a Police Officer is behind them with their lights flashing, more than likely a safety inspection is being conducted on that vehicle by that officer. Now if the officer finds safety violations which are areas of concern, he can issue the driver a ticket at that point. Yes even in a private  parking lot.

George from Nederland asks: Officer Antoine, can you tell me what can I do? I believe someone has stolen my front license plate.

Answer: Good question George! Now, George, if you believe you are a victim of a crime you are always welcome to report it to your local Police Department or the law enforcement agency who has jurisdiction where the crime was committed. If you believe it occurred in Nederland where you reside, before you contact the Police you should take your time and thoroughly look through your yard, garage, driveway as well as the normal route you travel daily, to make certain you have turned over every stone. Then report it stolen license plate to your local Police Department for your protection in case someone commits a crime with your plate on their car, your plate will already be in the system as stolen.

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