, Port Arthur, Texas

October 15, 2012

Families, organizations fill downtown for parade

Josh Brown
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Adrianna and Aline Prevost watched patiently at each car that passed, carefully keeping their eyes on the prize.

When the time came, after the street cleared, the sisters pounced to collect as much candy they could carry before the next vehicle rolled through.

“Right there,” Aline Prevost said to her sister. “Get that one.”

Spectators up and down Proctor street mirrored this plan all morning to reap the full benefits of the annual CavOILcade parade and celebration.

Beginning in 1952, CavOILcade events celebrate the oil and petrochemical industry in Port Arthur.

Dozens of organizations participated in the parade, including the Memorial High School band and Flames dance team, the Mexican Heritage Society, local churches, and Boy Scout Troop 39.

The highlight of the parade was the CavOILcade princesses, high school seniors sponsored by local businesses and organizations.

After the parade, the princesses and their escorts met for Queen’s Tea, the last social event the soon-to-graduate students have through CavOILcade.

“It’s the last time they’re all together as one group,” Pam Trosclair, program director, said. “It’s one last hoorah.”

Reagan and Ginger Provost, whose son, Brandon, is an escort for one of the princesses, said they were happy to see people come out for the parade.

Ginger Provost said she and her siblings participated in the CavOILcade events in their youth, and she was glad to see her son get involved.

“We like it,” she said. “Brandon was excited to come out here.”

CavOILcade gives out $7,000 in scholarships every year to their princesses and escorts. The winners are decided “based on grade point averages, school and community involvement as well as poise, beauty, and maturity,” according to the CavOILcade website.

This year’s Texas Pecan Festival Queen, Lauren Rogers, also rode in the parade.

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