, Port Arthur, Texas

November 5, 2012

Potty on porch helps flush out cancer

Morgan Jones
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Having a potty on your front porch isn't usually the way to impress your neighbors but Southeast Texas Cachers for a Cure seem to think differently.

The Relay for Life team got together with Down to Earth organic shop in Nederland to paint and decorate a few potties. Bright purple with hot pink flowers coming out of the tank as well as the bowl add a little color to Southeast Texans front yards.

Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online. The Geocaching organization sponsored the team. This is how they got their name.

When a purple potty is sent to your front yard, you have a few options. You can donate $25 or more for Potty Protection Insurance to be sure the potty doesn't end up on your porch. You can donate $10 or more to send the potty to a friend or family member's yard. A $5 or more donation to remove the potty or keep it for an extra day. Don't be surprised if you are called a "Potty Pooper" if you have the potty removed without a donation.

"I don't understand the people that don't go along with it. It's for a good cause," Peggy Sanford said.

All of the donations go to Relay for Life benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Sanford had the purple potty on her porch in Port Arthur for two days. "It's leaving today!" she said. She donated $25 to send it to her son, Andy.

Sanford has been affected a lot by cancer. She is a survivor herself as well as many others in her family including her first born grandson. "He is fighting lymphoma and going through chemo right now," she added.

The Cachers for a Cure Relay for Life team wouldn't tell Sanford who sent the potty to her yard. "They won't tell me. I know it was PJ, my daughter. I'm not dumb," she said as they were laughing.

"She is making it fun. We have had a good response. We've been to 25-30 houses and most participate," Linda Adams, member of the Cachers team said.

Southeast Texas Cachers team captain and four year cancer survivor, Joe Adams encourages everyone to join a team and participate in Relay for Life.

"A lot of it stays here in our own community to help cancer patients and families of cancer patients," he said.

The two purple potties will be going from porch to porch until the next Relay for Life on Friday, April 26, 2013.