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October 30, 2012

ASK A COP: Proof of insurance, driver's license points


There have been additional NO LEFT TURN signs placed in the 3600 Blk OF 57TH Street, On the north side of Staff Sgt. Lucian Adams Elementary School. Left turns are prohibited btweeen the school zone hours of 7:30-9:00 a.m. and 2:30-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Also, Please pay attention to the NO U-TURN signs which are now placed in the 5700 Blk of Ninth Ave in front of Lucian Adams Elementary. U-TURNS in the 5700 block of Ninth Avenue are now prohibited within the traveling area of the NO U-TURN signs. After the last NO U-TURN, it is permissible to make a legal U-TURN.

• Chris from Port Arthur asks- Officer Antoine, how many points does the Department of Public Safety give on your license for speeding tickets, and how many points can you get on your license before the State suspends your license?

• Answer-Excellent question Chris, thank you so much for this question. This is very important information to know especially if you have been convicted of violating laws in the Texas Transportation Code. The department assigns points to a person’s license as follows: Drivers will receive two points for every moving violation of the Traffic Law of Texas or other state and three points for a moving violation that resulted in an accident. The department may not assign points to a person's license if convicted for driving under 10 mph of the posted speed limit, unless the conviction for speeding was in a school zone. Each year the department shall assess a surcharge on the license of a person who has accumulated six or more points during the last 36 months . The amount of the surcharge under this chapter is $100 for the first six points and $25 for each additional point.

The department will also automatically assess the surcharge for three years from the date of conviction for violations of (violation, fee): No Insurance, $250 yearly; Driving While License Invalid (revoked, suspended, or cancelled), $250 yearly, and No Driver’s License, $100 yearly. If you fail to pay the surcharges, the department will suspend your driving privileges. Remember, having a Driver's License is a privilege not a RIGHT. The Department will also notify you by first class mail when you have been assigned your fifth point to the most recent address on your license. My statement to live by Chris is, "It's not free to drive.”

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