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October 2, 2007

Becon ready to hire for Motiva expansion

PORT ARTHUR — The opportunity to help write the latest chapter in Port Arthur’s history is ready for eager workers of all skill levels.

Becon Employment and Community Center opened its doors Monday to become the principle contractor center for all hiring in the recently approved billion dollar Motiva expansion project — the first in three decades for Port Arthur.

A one-stop-shop for all types of skilled craftsman, Becon Industrial Relations Manager Joe Grobusky said he can have employees ready and safety certified in two to three days. A good thing according to Todd Monette, general manager for Port Arthur’s Motiva facility.

“We need workers today,” he said. “We’ve had about 400 people on the job doing early work for the past eight months.”

Anticipating another 3,500 employees needed during the next few years, Becon said they have all the information and services needed to not only work in the area, but live in the area as well. The center provides information on housing to out-of-town refinery employees too.

Instead of cutting out the middle man used primarily in job placement programs, Becon has partnered with Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC) to have satellite office at the Becon location.

“We provide site training, drug testing and safety certification,” Grobusky said of the turnaround rate for potential craftsman. “After two days here, they leave with a hard hat, goggles and referral slip. It keeps us from having to send people all over town. We cut the process time from a week to a few days.”

With the project approval in hand and workers lining up for temporary and permanent employment, Forrest Lauher, venture manager for the project, said his team is ready to turn things up full blast. And Grobusky said he’s ready for them.

“We have training everyday,” he said. “We’ve been waiting on the hiring projection but things should hit big in January. Then in 2008 and 2009 it’ll take off like a rocket.”

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