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March 5, 2013

Bill targets 'teaching to test'



We’re saying that you’re not good enough if you’re just going to be a welder. That’s not the case. Those kids are not stupid. Their brain just doesn’t work in calculus terms, and they know they’ll enjoy welding.”

Sierra McAnally, a sophomore at Nederland High School, is an aspiring nurse practitioner. McAnally said she intends to take a Heath Occupations Students of America (HOSA) class next year that will prepare her for her chosen field. However, she said, other friends who share her goals have not been so fortunate.

I have some friends that wanted to take HOSA, but they’re so busy doubling up because they didn’t pass certain classes that they just don’t have any extra time to,” McAnally said. “ And a lot of kids don’t have the money to go to college, so they don’t necessarily need to be taking pre-cal or AP Biology. I just think it opens a lot more opportunities and helps you know more what you want to do when you get older — not just have a bunch of ideas floating in the air.”

King said the bill will greatly benefit students who do not necessarily plan to attend college.

"I support kids that are wanting to, obviously,” he said. “But the 4 by 4 plan basically limits what districts can offer for kids who may not want to go to college, and it doesn’t allow them to take classes in high school to prepare them for that. But this bill offers some pathways that get them ready for college, but also get them ready for work.”


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