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December 22, 2009

Quanell X: Infant death was accident, not negligence

Quanell X, the leader of the New Black Panther party of Houston, held a press conference in support of the family of Jashuandric Keller, a 7-week-old infant who died recently.

The infant died after being placed near a humidifier and heater at about 6:32 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15, in a home located in the 1800 block of Houston Avenue.

Quanell X said the death was an accident based on ignorance, not criminal intent by the grandmother to harm her 7-week-old grandchild.

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From previous story:

Minister Quanell X of the New Black Panther Party will be in Port Arthur today to hold a press conference regarding the death of 7-week-old Jashuandric Kellar that occured on Dec. 15.

The Grandmother will speak out for the first time, a press release announcing the visit said.

“Minister Quanell X is coming to support the family. This was a tragic accident, not a homicide. This was an accident based on ignorance but not criminal intent to harm her seven week old grandchild,” the press release said.

Jack Chatman Jr., District 2 councilman, said he had spoken with both the family and Port Arthur Police Chief Mark Blanton Tuesday morning and wanted to make a statement regarding the appearance of Quanell X.

“We at the city wanted to basically find out what the grievances were with the family. We were not aware the family was feeling they were not being treated fairly,” he said.

Quanell X and the New Black Panthers were last in the news in May when they held a rally in Lumberton to protest the treatment of Kevin LaDay, a Port Arthur native who died after a confrontation with Lumberton police.

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