, Port Arthur, Texas

February 7, 2014

Port Neches couple cuts a new career path; Opens Ideal Edge shear, scissor sharpening

Mary Meaux
The Port Arthur News

PORT NECHES — A Port Neches couple tired of the corporate grind has found the ideal edge for their new business.

Wendell and Cindy Harrison, owners of Ideal Edge, are certified professional shear sharpeners and take care of shears used by stylists as well as restaurant knives, fabric store scissors and even pet grooming tools.

Wendell Harrison spent decades as a pharmaceutical representative while his wife spent years in the medical field.

“We were tired of the corporate world and were ready for a change,” Cindy Harrison said.

The couple dove head-first into a career outside their comfort zone.

“I was sharpening knives since I was a kid, 8 or 9 years old, and my grandfather was a blacksmith in the country, so I had been sharpening knives for a while,” Wendell Harrison said.

Once they discovered there was a lot to learn about the proper techniques to sharpening shears and such, they headed to Atlanta. for training, then invested in costly equipment.

Stylists shears can cost anywhere from $150 to $900 but most stay in the $300 range, hence the reason for proper sharpening, she said.

The shears themselves have come a long way ergonomically. Wendell displayed an order pair of shears where the thumb and finger holes were parallel. Another pair is a bit offset with the thumb hole larger, and the latest pair features a swivel thumb area so the stylists can bring their elbow down toward their body and reduce the chance of carpal tunnel issues.

“The average stylist working an eight hour day can open and close their shears about 10,000 times,” he said. “That’s a lot of wear on the hand.”

Wendell, who has a business degree from Texas A&M, goes out in the community and shares his knowledge on how to run a business, to proper maintenance of equipment, such as setting tension on the shears to how to oil the shears and general care. The classes are free, he added.

The Harrison’s work across the Golden Triangle up to Lufkin.

For more information about Ideal Edge go to the Facebook page or call 679-7559.


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