, Port Arthur, Texas

July 10, 2013

PA City Manager's contract extended for another year

Sherry Koonce
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Port Arthur City Manager Floyd Johnson will have another year to lead the city, and a raise to go with it.

City Council on Tuesday approved an additional year on Johnson’s contract, and a 3 percent raise to add to his current annual salary of $155,000.

Johnson’s contract was up for renewal on July 16.

District 6 Councilman Robert E. “Bob” Williamson said Councilmembers were not ready to extend a lengthier contract at this time.

“Looking back on the contracts we have had previously, this seemed the better idea,” Williamson said.

Johnson was also extended an added payment of $3,300 a year toward a supplemental retirement plan. The plan will augment that he has with the Texas Municipal Retirement System. In the TMRS plan, Johnson contributes 5 percent and the city matches his contribution two to one.

“We will give him a C-; he really has not had time to do a great many of the things he needs to do,” Williamson said.

Johnson left his job as director of the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency a year ago to serve as the new Port Arthur city manager.

He replaced longtime manager Steve Fitzgibbons, whose severed his employment with the city in January 2012.

According to Williamson, City Council plans to establish quarterly milestones for Johnson to work on.

“Every three months beginning very soon we are going to sit down with him and determine expectations for the next 90 days,” Williamson said.  “We’ll be getting reports and he’ll be getting feedback.”

Johnson said his first year in Port Arthur had flown by.

“In my first year I have become fully acquainted with all the challenges facing the city of Port Arthur, and in the next year it is my plan to try and begin to meet each of those challenges in a manner that will become visible and apparent to all the residents of Port Arthur,” Johnson said.

The biggest challenge he has found during his first year, was the sheer number of challenges, Johnson said.

“I plan to bring about effective repair of infrastructure, water and sewer system and roadways, to try and improve the viability of the downtown area, and to continue to focus on quality services to all of our citizens and the sum total of all of that is to make Port Arthur more attractive as a place for people to live, raise their families and to recreate, just like any other community.


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