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March 11, 2014

Friends flock to help man

PORT ARTHUR — After becoming a Christian more than 30 years ago, Charles Delgadillo has devoted his life to helping others. However, now he is the one receiving help.

Delgadillo was already facing Hepatitis C when a doctor visit led to the discovery of a malignant tumor on his head. With this discovery, his close friend Thomas Edgerly decided to help out as best he could.

Edgerly, owner of Edward’s Tree Service, first struck up a friendship with Delgadillo when he was allowed to store some of his equipment on Delgadillo’s property.

“He’s just a great guy, a man of his word,” Edgerly said, adding he was able to borrow a large industrial dolly from Delgadillo anytime he needed it, no questions asked.

His friend’s condition has struck close to Edgerly’s heart. He first lost his mother, then his sister to cancer.

“After you go through (loss to cancer), then you really start seeing what’s important,” Edgerly said.

Edgerly’s dedication to helping those who need it led a local hardware store to donate a bathtub. Ritter Lumber threw in a new toilet and plumbing supplies, Mid-County Plumbing has offered a wrench and a hand in installing the new fixtures, and that’s not all.

Rutty and Morris AC is poised to donate an air-conditioning unit.

 Edgerly also called his buddies Mitch Macon and Gary Hemby, owners of B.C. Miller Electric, and they were more than happy to join the ever-growing list of people willing to help a stranger.

“I used to always beat him (Edgerly) in ping pong,” Macon said. “When he called and told me what the conditions were, I felt the need was there to help the man.”

Hamby stood right with Macon in the decision to help.

“It’s really nice to be able to share your blessings with other people,” he said. “We don’t ever mind doing that.”

As for Delgadillo, he’s flattered that so many offers of assistance are coming to fruition. He’s traveled to Mexico several times to spread the teachings of the Bible, and he’s taken a trip to Africa, where he witnessed first hand a church grow from a congregation of less than 20 to a gathering of more than 250.

“This is barely starting out,” Delgadillo said. “I’ve never been in this situation.”

Anyone interested in lending a hand or helping Delgadillo can call Thomas Edgerly at (409) 724-1591.

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