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April 22, 2013

Update: Prosecutor tells jury Courthouse shooting meticulously planned


Galveston — During his opening remarks, Shettle described what happened on the day of the attack, in which a man he identified as Granger stepped out of his pickup truck before noon and began shooting.

"This is not a case of mistaken identity," Shettle said. "The evidence is going to show, I think, the defendant never left the crime scene. He was arrested within only a short, very short period of time where he was always in sight of law enforcement or people you will hear from during the course of the trial.

"This is not a whodunit."

Shettle said evidence will show Granger got to the courthouse before it opened that morning "and laid in wait for hours for people he thought betrayed him and testified against him."

At about 11:30 a.m., the prosecutor said Granger jumped from his pickup truck, ran to the middle of the street and began shooting with what he described as an assault rifle.

Granger's daughter was shot three times. Shettle said Granger then turned the gun toward her mother as the woman was running.

"He struck poor little Miss Sebolt through the femoral arteries of her legs, shot twice as she tried to get through the revolving door of the courthouse," Shettle said. "Within seconds, she was lying in a pool of blood in the courthouse."

The prosecutor said Granger got back into his truck, ran over his wounded daughter and drove off, exchanging fire with police. His truck became disabled a few blocks away where he fled into a construction business and grabbed hostages.

"One brave man there, he kicked the hell out of him and disarmed the guy," Shettle said.

State District Judge John Stevens, the first prosecution witness, testified about the chaos in the courthouse.. He was at a clerk's office where a wounded woman was being treated. He recognized her as the mother of the woman who had testified the previous day in his courtroom in a trial in which Granger was accused of sexual misconduct nine years earlier.

"I asked her: Who shot you?" he said. "And she told me."

He did not name Granger from the witness stand.

A legal assistant to a Beaumont attorney representing Granger at the sexual misconduct trial testified that Granger had called her the previous day

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