, Port Arthur, Texas

November 25, 2013

Heavy rains, cooler temperatures expected through Tuesday night

Erinn Callahan
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — The Golden Triangle skies are likely to clear by Wednesday, but don’t expect temperatures to rise in the absence of rain.

A cold front making its way toward the shores and a low pressure area that recently developed across the western portion of the Gulf of Mexico have joined forces to cause heavy rains in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, said Donald Jones, meteorologist with the National Weather Services in Lake Charles. Jones said the rain is expected to persist through midnight on Tuesday.

“Tuesday is going to be pretty much a repeat of Monday,” Jones said. “It’s one of those dreary days where you don’t want to be outside.”

The clouds will clear on Wednesday, just in time for a cold and clear Thanksgiving. The Port Arthur area will see a decent freeze Thursday morning, Jones said, with temperatures expected to plummet to 30 degrees, with a high of 53.

“Wednesday will be pretty nice, albeit pretty cold,” Jones said. “On Thanksgiving Day, there probably won’t be a cloud in the sky — just very cold.”

As the week slides into the weekend, Jones said, the thermometer will begin to rise. Temperatures will reach 60 degrees on Friday, climbing up to 66 on Saturday and reaching a peak of 70 degrees on Sunday.

“We’ll probably be looking at partly cloudy skies,” Jones said. “The winds are switching to an easterly direction.’

In the meantime, Jones recommended layers of clothing and a rain coat for anyone willing to brave the cold on Tuesday. There is also a possibility of wintery precipitation across northern Newton and Jasper Counties, he said.

“Tomorrow evening, after sunset until about midnight, there is a very slight chance that you can see a few flurries,” Jones said.


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