, Port Arthur, Texas

April 11, 2013

Cell phone best for casting Idol vote

The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Dreeba Norris of Port Arthur was attempting to cast her vote for Kree Harrison after Wednesday evening’s episode of American Idol but when she called the number on her land line phone, she received a recording from ATT that “the number you are calling is outside your service area.”

She said she attempted to make the call about 10 times after the show to cast her vote for the Southeast Texas native who is among the top performers in this year’s season.

Thursday morning she called ATT to get to the bottom of why she couldn’t cast her vote. She was worried that if people from this area can’t vote that Kree would be at a disadvantage in the program, in which advancing to the next round depends on getting votes from the public.

ATT told Ms. Norris that she would have to use a cell phone to make the call, that for land lines it would be out of the service area. Ms. Norris wanted to make sure that everyone in this area knew that so that they would be successful in casting their votes for Kree.