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May 11, 2013

Pleasure Island, other propositions receive voter approval

PORT ARTHUR — Port Arthur voters gave large yes majorities to all 12 propositions on the ballot, resulting in the Pleasure Island Commission becoming an advisory board and new term limits for the mayor and city council.

  • Proposition 1, which added a preamble to the city charter, received 2,319 yes votes for 79 percent and 603 no votes for 21 percent.
  • Proposition 2, which places term limits on the city’s mayor and council members, received 2,201 yes votes for 77 percent and 668 no votes for 23 percent.
  • Proposition 3, which would change the minimum age to run for mayor or city council from 21 years old to 18 years old, received 2,384 yes votes for 83 percent, and 496 no votes for 17 percent.
  • Proposition 4, which allows voters to have the final say at polls on changes to the pay for mayor and council members, received 2,136 yes votes for 74 percent and 734 no votes for 26 percent.
  • Proposition 5, which limits the council’s power to investigate, received 2,078 yes votes for 73 percent and 771 no votes for 27 percent.
  • Proposition 6, which says that mayor and council members must receive a majority of votes to be elected, received 2,329 yes votes for 83 percent and 471 no votes for 17 percent.
  • Proposition 7, which allows the city manager to make purchases up to $25,000 for budgeted items without council approval but with council notification, received 2,151 yes votes for 77 percent and 658 no votes for 23 percent.
  • Proposition 8, which gives preference to Port Arthur businesses in bidding where allowed by state law, received 1,986 yes votes for 71 percent, and 800 no votes for 29 percent.
  • Proposition 9, which states that certain employees hired directly by the council, and appointees to board and commissions in the city should be city residents, received 2,392 yes votes for 85 percent, and 418 no votes for 15 percent.
  • Proposition 10, which gives preference to Port Arthur residents in hiring for city positions, all other things being equal, received 2,412 yes votes for 86 percent and 403 no votes for 14 percent.
  • Proposition 11, which would make the Pleasure Island Commission an advisory panel and put operational control of the Island under the direction of the city manager, received 1,731 yes votes for 61 percent and 1,097 no votes for 39 percent.
  • Proposition 12, which was put on the ballot as the result of a petition drive spearheaded by Stephen Mosely of The Breeze radio station and would allow use of up to $400,000 of EDC money per year for two years, with council being able to add two additional years with a two-thirds vote, for certain expenditures related to entertainment, received 1,855 yes votes for 66 percent and 959 no votes for 34 percent.

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