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April 30, 2013

Charter Change and EDC referendum for May 11 Port Arthur election



Shall Article XIV Section 1 of the Charter of the City of Port Arthur be amended to state the following?

All purchase contracts made shall be pursuant to a requisition from the head of the office, department, or agency whose appropriation will be charged, and no contract or order shall be binding upon the City unless and until the Director of Finance certifies that there is to the credit of such office, department, or agency a sufficient unencumbered appropriation and allotment balance to pay for the supplies, materials, equipment, or contractual services for which the contract or order is to be issued. Before the City makes any purchases for supplies, materials, equipment, or contractual services, opportunity shall be given for competition. The Council may, by Ordinance, confer upon the City Manager general authority to contract for expenditure without further approval of the Council for all budgeted items not exceeding $25,000; subject to the requirement that a monthly check register indicating all such expenditures be provided to the Council. All contracts for expenditures shall be authorized in accordance with the minimum standards as delineated under state law. Contracts for professional services shall not be let on competitive bids. All contracts for public work shall be signed by the Mayor, City Manager, attested by the City Secretary, and the corporate seal of the City affixed thereto, after approval thereof by the City Council; provided, however, this provision may be waived where there is a public calamity, the necessities of citizens, or the preservation of the property of the City so demand; or, where the City contracts with the County or State for construction of public improvements.


Shall Article XIV, Section 5 of the Charter of the City of Port Arthur be amended to state the following?

The Council may approve contracts for engineering, appraisal, architectural, legal, fiscal, and medical and other professional services for the City without competitive bidding. Such contracts shall not exceed two years except, for completion of work in progress under architectural or engineering contracts. Port Arthur businesses shall be given primary consideration as allowed by law. The City Secretary shall maintain a separate file covering these contracts and the City Manager shall furnish the Council annually a detailed report on all expenditures of this nature showing a comparison of the present year with the costs for the past five years and report on compliance with the local business requirements.

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