, Port Arthur, Texas

December 4, 2012

Suspected boat battery thief arrested in Groves

The Port Arthur News

GROVES — A 29-year-old Nederland resident is charged with  misdemeanor theft after a rash of boat battery thefts in Groves.

A resident in the 5400 block of Anselmo called police in reference to a suspicious person walking around vehicles on Sunday. Officers checked the area and learned there had been several thefts of boat batteries in that area. The man was reportedly in possession of items associated with the crime.

The suspect’s vehicle was located the following day in the 5300 block of Lincoln and officers located a number of boat batteries inside, City Marshal Jeff Wilmore said.

“We have such a mobile society these days, people move from city to city and you find this often,” Wilmore said of the Nederland suspect charged with committing the crime in Groves. “People who are not immediate neighbors are committing these offenses but come from the general area.”

Wilmore asks residents to call police if they see something suspicious and cited the above mentioned crime as an example. He also asked that if someone notices their boat battery is missing to call the police and make a report.