, Port Arthur, Texas

January 24, 2014

UPDATE: Purple Heart/Neches River Bridge open

The Port Arthur News

— The Purple Heart Bridge/Neches River bridge is back open with hope it will stay passable; however, highways in Beaumont remain heavily iced and only service roads are passable. So traffic may not start moving very quickly. TxDOT is assisting with signage and the media is asked to encourage the public to use alternative routes through Beaumont if possible. Meanwhile crews are working to keep the service roads passable and get traffic moving, acccording to a press release from Beaumont Emergency Management.

The latest National Weather Service reports indicate the probability of near or below freezing temperatures throughout the day. Even though precipitation is expected to cease and cloud cover and lack of drying ability make it likely that icy conditions will continue. Both Jefferson County and the City of Beaumont have publicly announced official offices will be closed the rest of the day and will reopen Monday morning.