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June 12, 2014

It's Time To Get Ready

“Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.”

That is what Vernon Pierce, vice president of customer service at Entergy, tells everyone during his presentation at Operation: Storm Ready, a showcase put on by Entergy to help the community begin thinking about being prepared for hurricane season, as well as any electrical needs provided by Entergy.

“We’re constantly looking at what we need to do to improve restoring service to our customers,” Pierce said, adding “we update our storm management process on a yearly basis.”

This process to preparing for storms begins with pre-staging crews so linemen can quickly enter areas that will most likely be heavily damaged.

Secondly, Entergy will access the damage by helicopters and at the same time begin getting generators online that could provide electricity to key places such as hospitals and police stations. They look at the bulk of transmission lines and determine what areas of service will be the biggest bang for the buck and then work further out to more rural areas or individual customers.

“I’m a big proponent of support for evacuation” Pierce said. “It’s not pleasant being here after a hurricane.”

Entergy brought in more than 14,000 people to help restore service after Hurricane Ike and “we have to be prepared to supply care such as food and a place to sleep the very next day after a storm.”

Entergy brings in food and supplies and will use schools, gyms, churches and tents to give the workers a place to rest.

“Just like Entergy, you have to have a plan as well,” Pierce said. Have steps you go through to best take care of your belongings when you evacuate and make a plan to be able to communicate to your family so everyone will be taken care of.  “Communication is critical and is almost as important as getting the power back on,” Pierce said.

That is why Entergy has developed ways to stay informed on the current electric situation, from the Entergy app available on your phone to Entergy’s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts, as well as the ability to register for automatic text alerts to your phone.

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