, Port Arthur, Texas

April 18, 2013

Details of Amber Guillory homicide emerge

Mary Meaux
Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — New details have emerged regarding the murder of a Vidor woman whose body was found in Sabine Lake in December.

Port Arthur Police held a press conference regarding the death of Amber Nicole Guillory, 26, and the suspect David Carl Smith who is currently being detained in The Netherlands on an immigration violation and a murder warrant, PAPD Maj. Raymond Clark said on Wednesday.

Police are working with the state department to bring Smith to Texas to face charges and speak with detectives regarding the case.

Clark said there is no specific timeline for Smith’s arrival back in Texas.

During the investigation, law enforcement learned Smith is reportedly affiliated with a white supremacy group. Smith’s reported affiliation is linked to a YouTube channel account for “cowboy dave 1488.” The numbers “1488” refer to the 14 words commonly associated with white supremacy: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” while “88” refers to the eighth letters of the alphabet, HH, or Heil Hitler.

Sgt. Scott Gaspard said there is no real extradition between Texas and The Netherlands.

“The Netherlands is deporting him on an immigration violation,” Gaspard said. “There are no extradition treaties. When he is deported we will be there to retrieve him.”

Clark added that it appears as if Smith knows someone in The Netherlands, hence his reason for being in that country.

Guillory’s family is happy to hear that a suspect has been named.

“The family is ecstatic,” Gaspard said. “We were literally in contact with them on a daily basis. They have been distraught throughout this. They breathed a sigh of relief yesterday (Tuesday)  when we told them.”

Piecing the story together has been a lengthy task for detectives who have interviewed literally hundreds of people in the case, Gaspard said.

Guillory’s body was located by a fisherman on Dec. 6, 2012, floating about three feet from the shore in Sabine Lake near the North Levee Road. She was wearing pajama bottoms and a black and white hoodie top and jewelry when located. A preliminary autopsy was performed but police are not releasing the cause of death, choosing not to put too many details of the case out in the public.

“I don’t want to be responsible for putting an innocent person in prison,” Gaspard said regarding law enforcement’s reason for keeping specific details of the crime under wraps.

Police believe the Guillory’s murder occurred at Budget Inn, 2465 North St., in Vidor but declined to release further details about the actual homicide.

Guillory, he added, was reportedly a prostitute in the city of Orange.

Det. Mickey Sterling said there was physical evidence to show Guillory had been in the water for less than 24 hours and there was evidence of foul play. Her body, Clark added, was in “extremely good condition considering it had been in the water about 24 hours.”

Through numerous interviews and tips pouring in police learned Smith paid for a plane ticket to the Netherlands on Dec. 26, less than a month after the murder.

“We want to thank the people who persistently called in with information,” Clark said.

The YouTube channel confirmed Smith was still in The Netherlands as of April, Gaspard said.

Detectives presented a probable cause affidavit to Jefferson County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 on April 2 and an arrest warrant was issued by the magistrate of the court.

A subsequent manhunt was initiated and on April 16 Smith was taken into custody in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Now police must wait for Smith to return to the United States for questioning in the case, Clark said.


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