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October 15, 2013

ASK A COP: Left turn to H-E-B illegal, U-turn on 365 OK


PORT ARTHUR — Joshua from Nederland asks: Officer Antoine, I respect your work and what you do. Yes, I'm a motorist that was caught without my seatbelt on and you gave me a ticket. I must admit it I didn't like it, but you were professional and I didn't have on my seatbelt. I simply forgot to put it back on after coming from the store. Now my question is the other day I observed seven teenagers in a small Honda four-door car. This has to be illegal.

Answer: Great question Joshua! That car would be stopped immediately with all occupants checked for safety belts usage. Now this is where the law to me gets a little murky because the law states that a passenger in a motor vehicle who is occupying a seat equipped with a safety belt, and is not secured by a safety belt, you commit an offense. So if I'm interpreting the law as it is written it means that as long as everybody in the car that is in a position that has a seatbelt is properly secured by a seatbelt, the other occupants that are not secured by a seatbelt are NOT committing an offense. Now I personally believe that if there are not enough seatbelts you shouldn't be allow in the vehicle. But Texas law is Texas law!

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