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December 6, 2012

Flu season kicks off early in Southeast Texas


Fight the flu by:

•bringing your own pen with you to the bank, grocery store and even to use the ATM. What a sick person touches gets infested with germs, including money, mail, light switches, etc.

•using paper. Replace hand towels in bathrooms with paper towels, which do not horde germs the way damp towels do.

•wiping down grocery carts. A recent study found two-thirds of shopping cart handles tested positive for fecal bacteria at a higher level than the average public restroom.

•cleaning with a disinfectant. Viruses and bacteria can live up to 18 hours on any given object.

•washing hands. Use soap, warm water and scrub long enough to say the alphabet or sing “Happy Birthday.” Recent studies show plain soap and water works just as well as antibacterial soap.

•using a hand sanitizer. Use a sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol and clean under the fingernails, where germs hide, after washing your hands or touching something someone else has handled.

Source: Doctors Express


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