, Port Arthur, Texas

April 2, 2013

Rep. Weber tells Groves: We want government out of our lives

Mary Meaux
The Port Arthur News

GROVES — Heavy rain didn’t keep Groves residents away from a monthly community watch program or the added bonus of a visit by Rep. Randy Weber, R-Friendswood.

Weber, who took to the podium after a brief delay, addressed the crowd with information regarding the budget.

“We want the federal government to stay out of our lives,” Weber began as he told of a continuing resolution preventing government shutdown and moving the Senate to pass a budget for the first time in four years.

“The Senate had not passed a budget since before iPad’s were introduced,” he said.

Lower taxes, smaller government and more individual freedom are issues Weber took to heart. During the meeting he took questions about the budget, guns and immigration.

more than 60 people attended the meeting which was opened by Groves City Marshal Jeff Wilmore. Wilmore held a question and answer period addressing such issues as golf carts, barking dogs and fireworks before moving on to a crime of the month portion in which five officers were recognized for their work in apprehending two men responsible for a number of aggravate robberies in the area. The arrests cleared more than 16 cases.

Groves Det. Norman Reynolds presented awards to  Det. Tony Phillips, Sgt. Tim McCurley, Officer Dane Hollier and Det. Brent Sonnier for work. Det. Steve Hinton was not present during the brief ceremony.

Weber was elected in 2012 and represents the 14th Congressional District, preceded by Congressman Ron Paul. The 14th Congressional District includes Jefferson, Brazoria and Galveston Counties.

The Groves Police City-Wide Community Watch Program is held on the first Tuesday of each month at the activity building at 6 p.m. At the end of each meetings residents are encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns in an open forum. All residents are contacted monthly through Blackboard Connect.


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