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October 12, 2012

Port Arthur Councilman Doucet announces bid for mayor

PORT ARTHUR — District 4 Councilman Harold Doucet wants to see a change in Port Arthur, and for him, that change must start at the top.

That was what he said Thursday afternoon in front of City Hall when he announced his plans to run for mayor of Port Arthur next year.

“The top sets the tone,” he said.

The 62-year-old councilman was cradled by a semicircle of family members and friends as he spoke on the front steps of City Hall. His brother, sister, wife and son stood behind him to show their support as he talked to the media.

“He would make a great mayor,” Mary Doucet, his sister, said. “He will not steal the confidence of the people.”

Mary Doucet talked about how focused her brother, who was in the Army for 30 years, was on meeting people’s needs, about how passionate he was about whatever he set his mind on and about how honest and fair he was.

Floyd Doucet, his brother, summed it up succinctly: “He’s the best thing this city’s got.”

Fellow councilman Raymond Scott Jr. stood behind Harold Doucet as he made his mayoral bid as did Doucet’s wife, Betty Doucet.

“I am behind him all the way,” she said. “He is going to be a great asset to this city.”

Harold Doucet grew up in Port Arthur and has served on the City Council for about a year and a half. He would have to resign from his seat as the District 4 Councilman in order to serve as mayor, but he would stay in that seat until the election.

As the councilman from District 4, Doucet said he has represented the people as he said he would with honesty and integrity, voting to support the people of Port Arthur, not his own agenda. Plus, he has always been prepared when he went to council meetings, he said.

“I always consider what people would want me to do,” Doucet said. “As the mayor of Port Arthur, I would take a look at the city as a whole. We have a lot of blight. We have bad roads. We have sewage problems. We have drainage and water problems. These problems have existed for some time.”

He emphasized the need for a proactive approach to these problems, and he referred to the recent issue of garbage trucks breaking down, which delayed the city’s trash service for weeks. If the city had been buying garbage trucks all the while, Doucet said, then that problem could have been avoided.

“There is no excuse for not providing these services,” he said. “I hope to make sure the citizens of Port Arthur receive the services they pay for.”

And one of the services the residents of Port Arthur pay for is a transparent government, Doucet said. He wants to ensure that the residents of Port Arthur are informed enough to make wise decisions and that they see their government working for them, the ones who vote. Then, maybe the people of Port Arthur would start working together and taking pride in their property, happy to say that they hail from this port city.

“It’s not about Harold Doucet. It’s about moving this city forward,” he said. “I’m the person who has the experience and the knowledge and the ability to make hard decisions and to care about the people and the city enough to make sure that it is always the right decision.”

Through these decisions, Doucet wants to move Port Arthur forward — to 1973. That was the year Port Arthur was selected as an All-America City, and Doucet wants to secure that title once again.

“In order to create a change, it must be at the top,” he said. “If the change is created at the top, then what you have is a different mindset, and that mindset is what governs.”

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