, Port Arthur, Texas

June 16, 2011

Don’t lump Palin in with sad Pols

Raymon Hill
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Mitchel Olszak's column of June 16 is a contemptible example of tabloid journalism.

Olszak attempts to paint Anthony Weiner, John Edwards and Sarah Palin with the same brush and fails miserably. Sarah Palin is a woman who grew up in a small town on our northwestern frontier, earned her college education, married her highschool sweetheart, has born and is raising four children (one who is serving in our military), has served the public in small town politics and been governor of our largest state until hounded from offfice by multiple frivoulous politically motivated lawsuits and writers like Olszak.

Palin took on an entrenched and corrupt Republican state government and beat it and then took on the world’s largest oil companies and beat them as well.  She has more recently been on a national motivational speaking tour and talks to sold out crowds in cities in every state. Weiner and Edwards are morally bankrupt lying  professional politicians who have never done anything for anyone other than themselves. If Olszak needed artistically to name three lying birds of a feather he might have considered the author of our campaign to address SRP's.

It was President Obama who told us that if we made $800,000,000,000 available he would immediately apply it to Shovel Ready Projests across the country and a flood of well paid jobs would result. He now admits that there were no SRP's and of course there are no associated jobs. He lied. Olszak might have named Weiner, Edwards and Obama as examples of lying self serving Democrat politicians, true birds of a feather.  He should have left Palin out of it.

Ramon Hill

Port Arthur