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March 23, 2011

Hughen Center celebrates 75 years

PRINCETON, Texas — March gladness instead of madness and bright in lieu of blight sums it up for the Hughen Center. On Friday, March 18, The Hughen Center became 75 years old. With this I will say, hail to the Hughen Center, Bob Hope School, The Hebert Center and Hemphill Dorm where the feeling is hale and hardy. Count the “H’s” and do not forget the library.

I might be dreaming, but I am seeing visions of a 75-foot tower on the campus for the residents to enjoy after hours or whenever. To view 360 degrees across the flatlands, the tall bridges and Sabine Lake. Call it Hughen’s Height.

There will certainly be a mega cake for this diamond gala. A song from years gone by, “If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Bake A Cake” and a Frank Sinatra great “For The Very Young and Young At Heart.” The Hughen Center is 75 years young and young at heart.

“Go to extremes with impossible dreams.”

Richard Nelson


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Letters to the Editor