, Port Arthur, Texas

Letters to the Editor

March 23, 2011

Public Servants or sovereign union

PORT ARTHUR — Police officers are sworn to protect and serve; however, some officers believe that accepting this responsibility grants them an official license to harass and humiliate.  While there is a law that requires citizens to identify themselves by name and birth date, it was not intended to be used as a tool for intimidation.  This law, like all others, was put in place as a tool to facilitate the servanthood of protecting; however, some officers pervert or misrepresent its original intent for their own personal agendas and egos.  The ability to misappropriate this tool gives the perpetrator a feeling of being grandiose.  Bearing this false sense of superiority breeds contempt and corruption in an agency designed to support equality and justice.

If we run a stop sign we are sure to receive a ticket, but if someone breaks in your house and steals your belongings don't expect to see them again.  We as taxpaying citizens must exercise our right to appeal to the check and balance system for the sake of equality justice and righteousness.  Each time we do not, corruption becomes the victorious vulture that begins to spread its wings as do the weeds we neglect to pull from our flower beds that subsequently multiply and ultimately choke the life from its flowers.   The original intent of the “protect and serve” philosophy was meant to be extended toward all, not exclusive to a particular class. Prejudice and racism have a way of leaking out as sweat from a high fever. Therefore we must apply the same procedure to our society if it is to ever really heal.  Isolate the infection, change the dressing, expect and require a change for it is written that when the wicked shall rule the earth shall mourn. 

Even As we observe great and profound leaders in our lifetime it is often more than a notion to differentiate effective servanthood from perverted sovereignty.  It is an embarrassment to the city when “Port Arthur's Finest” do not recognize or respect the difference.  It is easy to start off well intended, Jim Jones of the Guyana tragically did, but it is a disgrace to the very agency of law enforcement when it is not maintained.

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