, Port Arthur, Texas

November 30, 2011

Sanitation workers give display of Americanism

Laura Begnaud
The Port Arthur News

PORT NECHES — Two days prior to Veterans Day, while having a snack on our back porch with my little one, we saw a real true American tribute. We watched three of our Port Neches sanitation men retire an American flag that was being discarded because it was worn. One of the guys picked up the flag, waved it around a second, then made the decision to discard of the flag properly. The lit the flag with his lighter and let it burn completely all the while standing at attention — and the one I could see had his hand on his heart.

When they came around to my street, I approached them and told them that my Dad was a retired major in the U.S. Air Force and that he had recently died. I thanked them for their Americanism. I asked them if they did this every time and one of the guys said that this was the first time he had experienced finding a discarded flag. He said, “I looked at it and I just couldn’t crush it in the garbage truck. I just had to properly dispose of it.”

Brian Stutes, Zack Watts and Jordan Begnaud (not my child) — I salute you — you make me proud.

Laura Begnaud

Port Neches