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Letters to the Editor

October 24, 2010

Vote your values, not your fear

PORT NECHES — It’s All About The Money! You Betcha! Exactly why there is no constituency for the poor, elderly, weak and downtrodden.  There is no money in it!  Big money wants to influence not help.

Candidates in races this year are running on doing away with Social Security, unemployment insurance, Medicare, public schools, firemen, policemen, etc.  Think about it.  Privatize it.  Just like what is being done to the military.  Not to mention they want to  “repeal” the new Healthcare Reform Law.  Reform wanted for decades now.

They base the removal of these programs and services on the Constitution! These candidates say they support the Constitution. As if all Americans don’t support the real liberties, freedoms and rule of law the Constitution provides for all Americans. But then again, they want to do a lot of changing to our Constitution. Look out!  These candidates have lots of corporate/secret groups financially supporting them. Foreign monies too!  The Supreme Court ruling “Citizens United” blesses this.  These candidates offer no real solutions to any of America’s problems.  They filibuster green job programs, infrastructure programs, municipal funding, etc.

Their slogan is “Government doesn’t work for you!” When the government has tax cuts for the wealthy, no regulation of banks, Wall Street or industry; ships our good jobs overseas, runs wars on credit cards, no ideas to solve problems, etc.  Just the party of “No!”  They are right, Government run this way doesn’t work for you!  Remember to vote your values and not your fear!  It will take more than two years to dig America out of this hole!

Marilyn Elton

Port Neches, TX

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