, Port Arthur, Texas

June 29, 2011

Herd of elephants in the room

The Port Arthur News

— It was stated in your Sunday editorial page column that the Bush tax cuts are the GOP elephant in the room that Republicans don't want remembered, noticed, or mentioned.  Not so.  There is nothing about allowing people to keep their own money that any Republican, or TEA Party person, would be reluctant to talk about.  Allowing people to keep their own money is a good thing and President Obama, having extended those Bush tax cuts, must at least briefly have realized it.

So far as elephants in the room rarely mentioned, how about the fact that we are in the third year of a Presidential administration that has yet to adopt a budget?  Or that we have a Presidential administration that promises more jobs while attempting to shut down a new billion-dollar manufacturing plant built by our country's largest exporter?  Or that our President has our military bombing a country that has not attacked us and upon which we have not declared war?  Or that our President refuses to remove bureaucratic obstacles to development of our oil and gas resources but has begun to drain the oil from our strategic petroleum reserve?  Or that our President's justice department is blocking a Congressional investigation of a deadly scheme sponsored by our President's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to flood Mexico with semi-automatic weapons?  Or that our President has stopped the voucher program  in Washington, begun by President Bush, that enabled inner city kids to attend the private school where our current President's kids now go?  That's a whole herd of Democrat elephants in the room.  They need to be talked about.

Ramon Hill

Port Arthur