, Port Arthur, Texas

November 3, 2011

From Internet taxes to the FLEA Party

The Port Arthur News

— Thank you again.

Your observation that Internet purchasing and avoidance of sales tax raises questions is a good one. I'm not sure though that you asked the right questions. When automation and technology have improved efficiency and reduced labor intensive and entry level job opportunities it has always been a good thing. When computers made government tracking of an individual's income and financial activity possible so that no dollar escaped taxation it was a good thing.  When law enforcement deployed speed detecting radar in its patrol cars it was another technological good thing.  Whenever technology reduces job opportunities, facilitates tax collection or enhances "revenue" from the driver's roulette we all play it's a good thing.  So when the Internet enables the little people to buy their stuff on-line and avoid local high prices and taxes is technology suddenly a bad thing?  Or is it time for all the complaining members of various bureaucratic political leagues to admit that the regressive sales tax is obsolete and that it is time to find a new source of income, or even to reduce their budgets?  Oh, and be reminded, when a citizen finds a way to avoid a tax and keep his own money the government loses nothing.  It is not the government's money.

And then the article comparing the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) with the FLEA Party (Freeloading Liberals Encouraging Anarchy).  TEA Party marchers have paid for their parade permits, waved American flags, respected law officers, cleaned up after themselves, have not been arrested and want lower taxes.  The FLEA Party mob has gotten free permits, does not display the American flag, has committed assault on dozens of police officers who required emergency room treatment, has left piles of trash and feces on public property, has been arrested by the hundreds and wants other people's money.  Incredibly, the TEA Party is mocked by our President and our media while the FLEA Party is practically cheered by our media and supported by our President and by his former "consumer advocate" Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard professor teaching one class twice a week for $350,000 per year while she runs for the Senate and promotes the socialist mob.  It is good to be reminded what these two parties stand for and which of them our President supports.

And then Kent Conwell reminds us that we are a Representative Republic not, thankfully, a Democracy.  This is a reminder that cannot be made too often and gives us hope that our carefully chosen representatives will prevail and the mob led by Harvard professors, such as Ms. Warren and our President, will not.

Thank you again for another balanced Sunday editorial page.

Ramon Hill

Port Arthur