, Port Arthur, Texas

May 8, 2011

Monroe’s background, education touted

Barbara Norwood
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — I am writing to support James Monroe for election to the PAISD School Board. I believe that his background in education and his experience in business and finance will contribute to the future success of the district. He is intelligent, hard working and fair and he is determined to provide a quality education for all of the children of our community. With the retirement of a board member we will definitely elect a new person to the board. I believe that Jim Monroe should be that person.

While the PAISD is improving greatly, there is much more to be done. We need a person who will help us to move forward. Jim Monroe is such a person. He will represent students, parents and teachers as well as the taxpayers of the district. He is able to work well with the board and superintendent so that we will continue to make progress and never return to the terrible problems of just a few years ago.

For us to move forward as a community we must keep a strong school board. I firmly believe that Jim Monroe is a person who can contribute to that effort.

Please vote for James Monroe either during early voting May 2 through May 10 or on election day, May 14. He is a man who can and will make a positive difference.

Barbara Norwood

Port Arthur