, Port Arthur, Texas

October 21, 2011

Our children need protection

The Port Arthur News

— When we say we care about our children and their welfare, we lie. Did you know several of our leading preachers of our day were abused as children? They led a life of fear and terror and later gave their lives to God.

We took God out of our schools and the devil has free reign. And still people can say there is no such thing. There are many things that contribute to our so-called problems of today. Top on the list is pornography and its easy accessibility. When a person does not believe he is accountable for his actions, he has no fear of harming a child.

The next problem is our court system and how the abuse of children is handled. A pedophile is more protected than our children. We tell children to tell an adult. A young child will tell a person they have a close bond with and if it is not a psychiatrist, it is deemed all “hearsay” and not acceptable in court. We need to take a closer look at this antiquated system.

Most pedophiles are excellent liars and sometimes hold leading positions in our community. The are the judges, grandparents, parents and teachers who are supposed to be caregivers. A young child has nowhere to turn and our court system turns these children back to the abusive caregiver. I know I am not alone because many have lived through similar situations.

I have faced many sexual deviants and it sickens me. They are charming, cunning and very, very conniving individuals. Every day another child is abducted, tortured, raped and murdered and this is not happening only in foreign countries. It is happening on our turf, here in our homes. These deviants who finally do serve time in prison are released time and time again for “good behavior!” Are you kidding me? I’m ready to clean house — be rid of this “good ol’ boy” system and protect our innocent children. Where do I go? What do I do? Who do I talk to? Because I am serious about protecting our most innocent victims of abuse.

Diane Fisher

Port Neches