, Port Arthur, Texas

November 12, 2012

We need to stop politics for the benefit of the few

John “J.D.” Crabbs & Miss Bea
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — The national debauchery (campaigns) is finally over. Thank God!

It was projected that just the federal campaigns (Presidential, Representatives, and Senators) cost $5.8 billion. If you add to that campaign costs for state and local officials throughout the country I would guess another 3 to 5 billion dollars. I am not even sure that would cover the primary election costs.

What an incredible waste.  All of it was spent on “mudslinging”, animosity, and division.  Not one dime was spent on uniting this country.  This is the UNITED States but politicians did their best to divide and alienate us with our neighbors.   What is the purpose of all of this spending?  Answer, to make a few people very wealthy, not to improve the country.

Children from a very early age learn that if they work together they can accomplish a great deal.  We have elected idiots in Congress that refuse to work with the other party because they may not get as much recognition. If the Republicans sponsor a bill in Congress, the Democrats will not support it because the Republicans would get the credit. The same is true in reverse. It doesn’t matter whether the bill is worthwhile or not. I guess our children are smarter than those we elect.

I have a lot more respect for someone who concedes another idea is better than his own occasionally.  Being a bull headed idiot has no place in government.  Let your Congressman know what you want of him or her and start your demands with term limits.  Then we can move on to campaign funding and a host of other things.

John “J.D.” Crabbs & Miss Bea

Port Arthur