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Letters to the Editor

May 8, 2011

Your Vote DOES count!

NEDERLAND — I voted the other day in our local elections because my vote does count, and so can yours.  True, this isn’t a very glamorous election cycle (ok, well maybe in BISD it’s gotten some press!), but it’s still important.  The local city and school board elections are up close and personal so to speak and you should care.  Those people who are elected to the city boards are the ones that make decisions about your neighborhood, your stores, your streets and your city taxes.  The school board members make decisions about how our children are going to be educated, what they pay teachers, the school calendar year, the arts, our classrooms, athletics, how they spend your tax dollars and the tax rate they will charge you.  So even if you don’t have kids in the school district, they will hit your bottom line if you own any property.   Make it a priority to read about the candidates in your city or district.  Read the meeting minutes that you are provided on their governmental web sites.  Don’t make it a popularity contest because of name recognition.  Make an informed decision about who you want to vote for this election cycle.

Patrice Owens Kihlken


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Letters to the Editor