, Port Arthur, Texas

October 6, 2011

Gov. Perry shows lifetime of commitment to America

The Port Arthur News

— To the Editor:

Go get’m Aggie!

Shame on Mr. Neal Morgan for not supporting a fellow Texan. It’s not enough that people from coast to coast are critiquing Gov. Rick Perry’s policies on unpopular issues that most presidential candidates are afraid to tackle because they do not want to ruffle any political feathers. Gov. Perry’s boots cannot be filled by anyone. He has remained a long standing governor in the history of the country, in the second most populous state.

Rick Perry was raised on a poor dirt farm, but has remained loyal, in spite of it all, to his faith, one wife and his country. He has done so even during the hippy revolution and antiwar rhetoric of the sixties. He served his country in the Air Force as an airman and he became an A&M Cadet when it was unpopular and the U.S. was in turmoil over the Vietman occupancy and the loss of 50 thousand warriors.

Gov. Perry has created a million jobs, is an avid NRA supporter and a Tea Party supporter who appears rather brash to the broader electorate on his issues concerning immigration support. His no fence border policy may cost him the Presidency, but he remains staunch and loyal to what he believes in. This is another admirable quality that has eluded other presidential candidates where they fear to thread. Eventually the country will see Gov. Perry’s true, honest, non-nonsense colors and his decisiveness will overcome. His few shortcomings will overtake the Yale liberal qualities of former President Bush and President Obama. There is no hidden agenda on Perry’s boots. He is who he is and if Mr. Morgan. cannot appreciate those Aggie qualities he should throw away his pen.

Lydia Kurtz

Port Arthur