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October 25, 2010

Burnett compassionate judge

PORT ARTHUR — It’s time for us to get out and vote and we need to vote for Judge Brad Burnett.

Brad has been our Judge for the past eight years and has done a fantastic job.  I worked in Judge Burnett’s court for over five years with truancy.  Judge Burnett is the most compassionate judge I have met with truancy. He researches each and every child before they enter the courtroom so that he is prepared to give them & their families the best guidance and care possible.

Judge Burnett has put together several programs for truancy but one huge program is the one that he implicated with Lamar Port Arthur, this program is to inform the child/adolescent & family members not only about truancy laws but what the future holds for them and how there is help out there to help each and every one of them better their education.

Judge Burnett always looks at the positive of each and every person, not the negative.  In today’s world everyone lives a fast-paced life and doesn't always take the time needed to find out information or get facts about whatever but Judge Burnett does and not just with truancy, that just happens to be the program on which I have had the privledge of working with him.  Please place your vote today for Judge Brad Burnett, you will not be sorry! 

Ginger Wells



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